Noah Brandyberry

Lead Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer

Noah is a quick study of all things web. He first began learning how to create websites when he was 13 by taking classes in Columbus. He has made a few mobile apps for friends and family and picked up multiple languages just for fun. He’s an expert in Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. He’s a go-to person when there is a bug that needs fixing or a website to be developed in a short amount of time. He always enjoys learning new concepts and finding ways to improve his code. Even in his spare time, he is constantly on his computer creating his own apps or attempting to make a computer game. Noah also enjoys playing soccer (which is one of the main ways his family gets him off of his computer and outside), board games, or just hanging out with his family. He has ten siblings so there is never a boring moment. He also has two amazing parents who spend a lot of time disciplining and helping all of their kids. Noah’s foundation though is his faith. His drive is based off wanting to glorify God in everything he does. His goal will always be to learn more about God and love Him more every day.