WordPress Menus and Blank Links

I discovered this on my own, but there have been some posts regarding this such as How to Add Titles in WordPress Menu Without Linking to a Page from WPBeginner. As you know, WordPress requires you to put some kind of content in the menu link area before you can put it “in” the menu in the Appearance > Menu area. As we use the Bootstrap framework, if you were to make a page a parent item for a dropdown, you wouldn’t be able to click on it and go to a page.

What you can do to circumvent this issue is to actually make a link with # and apply it to the menu. Once it is in the menu, you can then delete it. This work-around might seem like a hassle, but it is a cleaner render. You will need to adjust the CSS so the controller for the dropdown actually renders as something you can click on (even if you have a visual cue like a caret).

What I like to do to ease the CSS targeting is create a simple CSS snippet like this:

.cursor-pointer {cursor:pointer;}

Then I can apply that CSS class in the menu properties. If you don’t see it showing up, you will need to click on Screen Options > Show advanced menu properties > CSS Classes.

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