Usability Testing

Is your website easy to use? Does it deliver an enjoyable experience to everyone who interacts with it? There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the topic of usability. People often think this means your website “works correctly.” Usability has a much deeper scope and addresses the understanding that interaction goals for users vary greatly.

Your Users are Unique

Each person who visits your Website or uses your application has specific goals and expectations. Their personal level of experience and perception can also be significantly different. These variables make usability testing an invaluable tool for systems that require human-computer interaction.

It is often incorrectly assumed that everyone views interaction with the world in the same way. Usability testing enables us to identify and correct those false assumptions. Usability tests are not needed for every project, such as a simple website. However, if your business is developing projects with a large number of or highly complex user interactions, usability testing becomes an integral component for successful implementation.

Resident Expert

Many web development firms talk about usability without having the credentials to back it up. Edge Webware’s founder and President, Jerritte Couture, is a seasoned veteran in the field of Human Factors Psychology. This discipline is the foundation for understanding usability.

How does this help your business?

Jerritte’s background includes concepting, designing, running, and analyzing data as well as working with Human Factors Engineers in the corporate sector on global projects. As he applies his extensive knowledge of testing and best practices, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your website or application can be improved for your users.


Your website is one of the most valuable assets your business has. Don’t leave its usability to assumption. Even if your site “works well,” chances are its usability can be greatly improved. Your site’s success depends on how easy it is to interact with and you want to ensure that you are giving all your visitors the best experience possible.

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