WooCommerce 2.2 – What it means for you

Dubbed “Prowling Pangolin,” it’s coming in 24 hours and as a developer, we often see people click “update” in their WordPress control panel without looking into the changelog and knowing how it could affect their site.

Here are some things to consider with the 2.2 update:


WooCommerce will allow you to process full/partial refunds seamlessly assuming your gateway supports it.  If not, you’ll need to use the WooCommerce interface to process the refund. They say it will be a few clicks. That said, I’m sure there will be some sort of email response to the customer so if you have email templates, you will need to make sure that they are both up-to-date and relative to these changes.


WooCommerce is rolling out a a new way to localize in your language. Instead of using a PO/MO, you can use a language pack downloader which can be downloaded from your dashboard or Git. Right now only Portuguese (Brazil) and Turkish are completely done (through Transifex). Several others are nearly done. Still, that’s a major improvement. It will definitely improve overall load from the core.

Order Management/Stock

There is a new order management screen that combines order items and panels with greater control over stock, including variation level.

Simplify Commerce and Mijireh

Simplify Commerce will be integrated into WooCommerce core natively while Mijirah will be removed and be offered as a separate extension (and free). If you already have Mijireh, you will need to re-download via a one-click install.

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[…] WooCommerce 2.2 – What it means for you […]