Platform Security: .NET vs PHP

Website and Web Application security is a ubiquitous concern for our clients, and rightfully so. Often we hear or read opinions of clients and developers who tout one platform while deriding another. And certainly, it is incredibly important to know whether one platform is more secure than another! But is that actually the case?

Is Microsoft’s .NET Framework more secure than PHP? Is Apache more secure than IIS? How about Java/Tomcat or others?

Edge Webware is a platform-agnostic development company. Our goal isn’t to force our preferences on our clients. Instead, after gathering a project’s requirements, we build our solution to fit our those requirements using the most appropriate technology. So we may build one project on PHP and the next on .NET.

We recently had to address this topic for a client. In that process, we authored an in-depth analysis of .NET and PHP that spanned nearly 50 pages. For our readers’ sake, we distilled those pages down to a single page to give you a quick overview of this topic. Certainly, there are numerous other considerations to include in one’s final decision on this topic. Contact us today to see how we can help you navigate this very important consideration.

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