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A Member Supported Business Community Serving Springboro, Ohio

The Springboro Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to being the premier business association for the city of Springboro, Ohio, and the surrounding Warren County communities. Its goal is to be at the forefront of creating a thriving business environment for its members and the Springboro area.

The Chamber’s staff and board members continually examine the organization to determine where improvements can be made to ensure they are fulfilling their vision. They recently determined their website was outdated and in need of an overhaul.

The Problem

A Hard to Maintain Website Lacking Features for Its Members

The Chamber had been wrestling with an old website that was difficult to maintain. The site was cumbersome and did not contain support for interactive features such as event scheduling. This contributed to increased amounts of administration and not as much member support.

The Chamber realized they needed a solution that would help them to better serve their members and offset the hours lost to inefficiency. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, they turned to Edge Webware for guidance.

The Solution

A Feature-rich Website for an Intuitive User Experience

Edge Webware developed a plan to design a website that would be feature-rich and functional for the Chamber administrators, members, and visitors.

Our expertise in UI/UX design (user interface/user experience) allowed us to deliver a platform that works seamlessly for the end-user.

Some of the features include:

  • A Unique URL For Members

    Each Chamber member has their own page containing a bio, map, images, and contact information.

  • Automatic Renewals

    Members now have the ability to enroll in automatic billing to stay current with their membership fees.

  • Integrated Event Calendar

    This new feature enables the Chamber to post events so that attendees can register online. The calendar also syncs with PayPal for ease of payment. An added feature is the ability for custom data collection (multiple attendee names). This gives the Chamber the option to export the attendee list for easy check-in during events. Admins are able to feature upcoming events anywhere within the website.

  • Dynamic Member Feature

    The site allows admins to create posts and pages and select members to feature, dynamically pulling in their member listing information so content only needs to be updated for a member in one centralized location.


Increased Efficiency With an Enhanced User Experience

The newly developed website has helped the Springboro Chamber of Commerce maintain its vision of being a cutting edge association. They now have an efficient platform that gives them the ability to refocus time on helping members grow their businesses and build a better community.

The Chamber is thrilled to offer its members a website that highlights each business, contains interactive features, and presents an attractive layout to potential members.

The final product Edge Webware delivered showcases our use of industry-leading best practices. We designed, developed, and implemented a solution that not only delivers value to the organization but its members as well.

They now have an efficient platform that gives them the ability to refocus time on helping members grow their businesses and build a better community.

How can Edge serve you?

Running a successful member association requires a high level of engagement with the group.

Give your members a place to connect, get resources, and stay informed, by creating a website tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

It’s time to stop struggling with the challenges of an outdated site. Contact us today to see how we can redesign it to deliver an interactive, feature-rich experience for your members.

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